Plan Your Week To Be A Top Achiever

Everyone can become a top achiever nowadays. It is just a matter of your firm decision to be one. Having a great knowledge base and so many tools that support us in organizing things on a daily basis, we live in the best time ever to achieve our dreams. Planning your week in advance will help you join the rows of top achievers and get closer to the big goal you have.

Whether you have managerial responsibilities or not, there is never enough time in the day to get everything accomplished. Our life is filled with thousands of things that require our attention. However, to achieve success, you must attend to the most important things first. Then other things will fall into place. The perfect way for you to accomplish this is by planning your week first. Review your emails, schedule, and your to-do list. Decide on what you need to accomplish for the week. Write down the activities, preferably in your e-organizer.

what inspires youWrite down the most important things to you in your life. What are your biggest values and beliefs? What inspires you? What motivates you? What gives you hope every single day? What do you picture yourself being and doing a few years from now? Create a schedule for the upcoming week every Friday shortly before you finish work or on Sunday evening at the latest. Sit down in a silent place in your home while reflecting on the most important things to you. Have a daily reminder what is most important in your life, whether on your laptop or on your bathroom mirror.


plan your weekWhile checking your calendar for the upcoming week, have a pad of paper nearby so you can write down notes on the tasks, assignments, errands, time for yourself, and time for your spouse. Decide on what needs to get done, such as key tasks, chores, deadlines, and meetings. Include all of this in your calendar. It is important that you have a time frame set for tasks like going to the store or getting something done for work. We often get distracted, so setting a time frame for each will help you stay focused. In addition, it’s always good to have a buffer of 15-30 minutes for unexpected things. A buffer like this will help you avoid stress of throwing away all your plans because of the trivial and still important things like a spontaneous phone call of your tax advisor. You should know that things will pop up unexpectedly.

Create fulfilling routines that will help you live a more fulfilling and worthwhile life. These routines are both for your personal care and your work life. Think of different fulfilling routines which you can start in your life that will make you feel more comfortable, peaceful and happy. This may be taking a morning walk, date nights with your spouse, going to the spa center, working out, meditating, reading, writing, spending time with friends, or as simple as enjoying the nature. When it comes to living a satisfying and rewarding life, it is important to have fulfilling routines that will rejuvenate your body, soul, and mind as well.

In my life, I can clearly see how planning is beneficial to my success. When I have a plan to follow, I am able to track my progress against the plan to determine whether or not, I am on the path to success or need to tweak things.



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