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Productivity Booster helps people and companies get to their peak performance. It was created by Elena Varnavska, one of the leading experts in the Psychology of Excellence.

Based on over a decade of psychological research and success results, Productivity Booster offers tailor-made solutions to maximize personal and business potential. Productivity Booster merges psychometric techniques with the cutting edge training and development solutions.

Elena Varnavska


How Productivity Booster Evolved


Elena Varnavska, an expert in the Psychology of Excellence, created Productivity Booster Tool back in 2012. Utilizing her academic and researcher background, she implemented new productivity techniques in various companies and made use of that experience in creating a unique productivity assessment and training – Productivity Booster Tool. With the support of a team of IT experts, Elena designed an automated version of the tool in 2016, so everyone can use this tool from the comfort of their home and download  an individual Productivity Booster Report in seconds.


Elena has created a lot of training programs based on Excellence Development which boost Personal Achievement and Organisational Excellence. The Productivity Booster Program and Productivity Booster Challenge are part of her latest crop of high-performance programs that help people become highly efficient and successful.


Elena is the founder of Business Women World community and she is also the co-creator of the Start-Up Black Belt Program. She helps entrepreneurs scale their business.


Her key objective is to boost your Personal Achievement, Organisational Excellence and make challenges work for your success.


Elena also supports Sustainable Living projects and donates part of her revenue and time for planting trees with Legacy Tree.


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