How To Achieve Your Goals Faster: Interview With Fabrice Testa

achieve your goals faster with fabrice testa

How To Achieve Your Goals Faster: Interview With Fabrice Testa

Let’s talk about how to achieve your goals faster! Our special guest, Fabrice Testa, is sharing the most typical road blocks people have in achieving goals and how to overcome them. The inspirational story of his mentor and 3 tips to achieve your goals faster are a MUST WATCH!

Fabrice Testa is a visionary thought leader, entrepreneur and mentor who created 9-figure revenues.  He is the author of the Amazon best seller “Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded: 5 Secret Keys to Create Breakthrough Businesses that Change the World”. 




The Most Typical Road Blocks In Achieving Goals Are:

  • First of all, mindset: people often think that it’s impossible to achieve ambitious goals. Instead, they need to re-frame it into ” I’m possible”. 
  • Secondly, no concrete plans despite having big dreams.
  • Finally, lack of skills or knowledge and habits how to execute the plan in the right, flawless way.  


3 Tips To Achieve Your Goals Faster:

  1. Make retro planning and define which small steps you need to do in the next 6 months, 3 months, this week to get closer to the long-term and big goals. So what are the small steps that I can take today to be much closer to my big goals? If you do 1% better today, in one year you’ll be almost 400% better.
  2. Apply the 95/5 rule: eliminate the 5% that can really stop or reduce your ability to achieve your goals. 
  3. Stay consistent! Understand that you have the fly wheel, and most of the time it’s just repeating the process again and again. You need to be persistent and consistent – and you will ultimately achieve your goals. 


Inspirational story: How to achieve your goals despite any odds

In this interview Fabrice Testa is sharing a very inspirational story of his mentor, Peter Diamandis. He wanted to fly to space, however his chances to become a NASA astronaut were quite small. Therefore he decided to build a space vehicle, but didn’t have the funds and the necessary technology for that. 

One day Peter came up with an idea to launch a $10 million contest and give the prize to the company which comes up with the best solution for this space vehicle. The only thing is that he didn’t have the money! 

Peter pitched this idea to 150 potential investors, and received 150 NOs. Nevertheless, he was persistent and eventually found the first sponsor and launched the contest. It took him 12 years to achieve the result. Needless to say, he was named one of the 50 world’s greatest leaders. 

To conclude, staying persistent and being consistent is one of the prerequisites to success. 


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