Plan Your Day To Win The Game Of Life

Every single day provides us with numerous opportunities to follow our dreams and achieve our goals. The question is: do you use these opportunities wisely? As Zig Ziglar said,

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.


Planning your day is crucial for achieving success in any field of life. Each day you have the chance to develop your skills, increase personal productivity and grow your income. Having around 260 working days in a year, you can reach your goals if you work towards them systematically, day by day. Planning your day effectively will help you become a winner.

Many of us start our day with the best of goals, however don’t get the things done. We know what we need to do and we are determined to set in place meaningful ways to achieve both our short and long-term goals. Often, those good intentions can be set aside as other matters take our time and attention. We may end up stressed, irritated and frustrated. Let’s look at how to plan your day in a few steps;

Ask Your Intuition To Select A Goal


think towards achieving your goalsFirst of all, relax and ask your intuition to select one important goal to focus on during the day. Then build your tasks around it. This doesn’t look like a standard tip to boost productivity, right? Well, it comes from the latest Neuroscience research. When asking your intuition for help and giving yourself this freedom, you will get the answer which is in line with your inner values, comes from your higher consiousness and is also based on the brain’s synthesis of information. Probably you know that human brain is a complex mechanism which synthesizes tons of information. When in unity with your deepest values and experiencing the freedom of choice, you can sustain motivation for a long period so that you achieve your goal.

Make A List


write down your goalsYou can use a list to prioritize. It gives you an overview of what you intend to do each day and helps you see why or where you need to deviate from your original plan if necessary. It can be very easy to get swept along with the moment and forget the important matters. A list can be very useful in putting you back on track. Try making each day’s list the evening before, scan through and prioritize each item. It can help you relieve pressure and keep on top of the day’s stresses.




Schedule The Necessary Steps


divide your goals into smaller onesEvery successful day involves a series of steps. From making contacts, ordering product, improving our fitness levels, submitting paperwork, all these stages are a part of the overall picture. Planning and goal setting needs to include each step along the way. Planning to take the right steps at the correct time and in the most appropriate way establishes a positive mentality and enables the best chance of success. Scheduling these steps helps you stay committed to them.


Remember To Plan For Breaks


plan for breaksTime out of your workplace for food, water, exercise allows an opportunity for a rest. Even taking a walk around the car park can provide a necessary interlude. Studies have proven that taking a break allows people to return to their work station with a renewed energy and interest. It is wrong to believe that sitting and working endlessly is the most productive way to achieve your goals. Even adults get tired and lose focus after maximum 90 minutes of work without breaks. Ideally, you need to make at least a one-minute break every 45 minutes.


Have Fun


make more progressGoals of the day are important and so is fun. Free time, fun and laughter are valuable ways of de-stressing and provide balance in life. Plan some fun time every day. Make sure that the time you spend with your loved ones is special and enjoyable. Mealtimes, talking, playing board games, going for a walk are opportunities for fun times together, sharing and demonstrating commitment.



Each day provides a new start, a new canvas on which to make your mark. A little planning can go a long way in making each day special and be the best it can be. Plan to include a balance between work and play, and you will achieve a remarkable balance and a more satisfying quality of life. Plan systematically, and you will attain success and win the game of life.



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