How To Reach Your Goals Faster

A couple of weeks ago I found a notepad with some amazing secrets how to reach your goals faster. Covered with brown leather, the notepad was lying on the bench at the shoreline of Lake Starnberg. Most likely it was forgotten there by one of the tourists. Fascinated by the cover print, I opened the notepad and discovered that it was a diary belonging to a Victoria C. Upon finding no contact information inside, I riffled through the pages and came across the following paragraph:

“We have had a fabulous, highly productive day today.  I’ve managed to complete my 6-hour work in just 4 hours following the Q-strategy. Now I know exactly how to reach my goals faster. The rest of the time I plan to use for relaxation and practicing the Q-strategy. It really works.

After I realized that my dream is to help people express their personality through individual clothing style, I decided to change my job at the fur production factory which was actually against my deep inner values. I love animals.

Then I kept visualizing myself as a top brand consultant assisting people who came to the exclusive clothes store. In addition, I took action searching for suitable positions and companies. When the perfect job offer was there, I repeated the preparation cycle according to the Q-strategy. The interview was a success, and I started working for my dream brand. I use the Q-strategy every day as it is applicable to all daily tasks and processes. As a result, after 3 months of practicing I’ve managed to accelerate the work flow tremendously“.

This paragraph is a precious piece of information uncovering the greatest secret: how to reach your goals faster. Explained step by step, here is the Q-strategy Victoria used to save hours of time and achieve the desired outcome faster. I’d call it the Quantum Goal Achievement Strategy:

1. Identify your dream & make sure that your values are aligned with it.

It is essential that you know exactly what makes you happy in life and what kind of work or business you would like to do so that you reach this dream. Your choice is very important and should be in line with your inner values. Just like Victoria decided to change the job at the fur factory which was against her values (love for animals), make sure that your dream and the choices you make are based on your values. Everything starts with your decision. It sets free the energy which helps you reach the new goals.

2. Visualize how you are reaching your goals.

Frequent visualization of the desired results will propel your brain towards faster goal achievement. When you see and feel the imaginary results in your mind, the motivation centers of your brain start “sparkling” and support you in all endeavors. It is also useful to visualize how easily you are overcoming any obstacles on your way.

You might have heard that talented musicians, dancers and sportsmen imagine and go through their performance in mind every day before the big hour arrives. Astronauts do the same in the simulator and mentally. Actors and famous statesmen rehearse their lines both mentally and in front of the mirror, stepping into the image to be performed. If you have never visualized yourself achieving your goals, try the simple Innercise strategy.

3. Take Action.

In order to reach your goals faster, it is not enough to only visualize. Your decision and daily visualizations should be crafted with action. Otherwise the Q-Strategy doesn’t work. Create a step by step action plan how you can achieve your dream. Follow this plan and make the necessary tweaks when you see that it can be optimized. To reach your goals faster and have it all, you need to take systematic action.

To summarize, these three simple steps are the key to reaching your goals faster: identify your dream and make sure that your values are aligned with it, visualize how you are reaching your goals and overcoming any obstacles with ease, take action. Apply this wisdom on a daily basis to achieve success in everything you do. Quantum Goal Achievement Strategy will help you make a huge leap in life, business, career and personal development.




Do you use any visualization tools to help you reach your goals faster? Leave a comment below and I’ll follow up with you.