How To Boost Your Team’s Productivity

It feels so good to start your day in a cheerful team environment, work productively as part of a great coherent team and finish your day by checking off the next milestone you’ve reached. This can be your everyday reality if you know how to create and lead a winning team that performs to its highest potential.

For the outstanding results in a corporate environment, you have to build an enhanced team to face challenges in a world of tough competition. In the current scenario, team building is a great way to help your team work smoothly as a Swiss watch. It is a proven fact that team-building increases team cohesion and sharpens the team members’ communication skills. To achieve a common goal of success, it is mandatory to adopt such process. It has been witnessed that joint efforts have always attained and produced better results.

If the team is properly trained, teamwork will positively triumph in all the industry functions. A winning team synergistically harnesses its members’ talents and energy, to make one plus one equal to at least three (or even much more). In short, when a team is working perfectly, the total is far greater than the sum of all its parts.

When your team is having a difficult time focusing on their work, don’t just sigh and hope that things will change soon. As a business owner and team leader, you can help them jump back on that productivity boat with a couple of productivity management tricks.  Below are five simple and yet powerful tips that will improve your team’s productivity:


Set Goals


set goalsTo achieve top productivity and generate higher revenue, everybody in your team should spend their work time in the most effective way. You have to define what precisely you want your team to be working on. Outline crucial goals and analyze your team’s ability to execute them. This will help you choose what people should be working on and what they shouldn’t focus on. Thus your team will achieve more by committing to less. It’s your job to set the boundaries.


Make Regular Performance Reviews  


performance reviewMeasure your team’s achievements regularly. Establish the success and failure criteria, and keep track of your team’s performance. Formally appraise the performance of each member twice a year. Salary increments, bonuses, and incentives should all be based on these performance reviews. In addition, never forget to thank sincerely and give a round of applause for a great team work whenever you reach the next milestone. It is a great team productivity booster. People like when you appreciate their effort.



Invest Money and Time Into Your Team

invest in your team

Did you know that one of the frequent reasons why people change jobs is not getting the knowledge upgrade in their company? Due to the technological leap that we’ve experienced in the last decade, today each employee understands the importance of his professional growth. Nobody wants to lag behind the tough requirements of the job market – otherwise he cannot be hired in a couple of years. As a company owner and team leader, you don’t want your best employees to leave just because you underestimated the importance of skill development. You need to invest regularly in your team’s development, both the technical and non-technical skills. The lates knowledge can be precious to your business as it gives you the chance to outperform the competition and stand out. By developing your team members, you automatically give them a feeling that you are interested in their growth and would love to retain them. Thus your team members will be highly motivated to go the extra mile with you.



Conduct Weekly Meetings


team meetingLearn how to run a productive meeting and have these meetings weekly with your team. Have a fixed time each week. Invite only the people who need to be at the meeting and will benefit from it. Before sending a meeting invite, ask yourself a question if each participant can complete his work without this meeting. In addition, make sure the agenda allows for team members’ input. Finally, avoid long “coffee and discussion” meetings that don’t lead to making the final decision and creating the work distribution list.


Develop Your Leadership Skills 


develop leadership skillsThere are many skills needed to be a successful manager. To name a few, delegation, organization, and communication are crucial skills for your leadership path. The latest psychology research confirms that you are not born a leader, you learn to lead. Reading [amazon_textlink asin=’1401952852′ text=’great books on high performance’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’productivityboosterwp-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’78a51863-af66-11e7-bc2c-87ef731eec86′] and partaking in leadership programs will turn you into an influential leader that gets results and maintains a very happy, productive and high performing team.

Looking after the people in your business is important to ensure its ongoing success. A happy, skilled and inspired team if managed well, will have an enormous impact on your productivity and revenue levels. In addition, the support of your dedicated team will keep your stress levels low. It feels so good to start your day in a cheerful team environment, work productively as part of a great coherent team and finish your day by checking off the next milestone you’ve reached.


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To summarize, you can boost your team’s productivity with these 5 simple tips:

  • Set Goals
  • Make Regular Performance Reviews
  • Conduct Weekly Meetings
  • Invest Money and Time Into Your Team
  • Develop Your Leadership Skills



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