Five Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Team

Do you sometimes feel that your team could reach better results and in a shorter time frame if you tweaked a couple of things in your business?

In today’s fast moving world, employees need to be able to keep up with productivity to make sure companies moves forward with the competition. If you own a company, you might not be quite sure how to get your staff inspired to do better and keep working smarter. There are a few things that you can do to encourage your staff to increase efficiency safely in your company quickly.

For example, set an objective together to be achieved in a certain period. If employees can reach the objective, reward them with an office party, group trip, or other fun activity that can bring everyone closer together. When employees are pleased, they are more productive. Ensure that your staff are pleased by rewarding them properly for their effort and success in finishing company goals promptly.

If a company wants to achieve specific objectives, then its management must ensure that the productivity of the employees is managed at a certain level. Finishing projects and meeting deadlines is essential to any business, and it is the role of management to encourage its employees to improve their efficiency and performance.

As a project supervisor, you are going to be consistently searching for ideas to coordinate and help make you team to focus on a single goal. These tips below will explain fully how you can move your business and productivity to innovative heights.

Five Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Team


1. Encourage Clear Communication


personal productivity work-life-balanceCommunication is undoubtedly a key aspect of any business. Without effective communication system in place, you will have difficulty in achieving your goals and even function properly. Communication is not just to use devices such as phones.

Effective means of communication that your employees need to know is the hierarchy of the company. They should know who to contact about their challenges.

Poor communication can affect the production of work because the staff cannot get enough information to complete the tasks assigned to them. Indeed, if an employee cannot get important information about their project, it will delay the completion of the project or cause mistakes. If you practice the communication system among your staff, it will improve the understanding and will lead to increase in productivity and efficiency.


2. Conduct Weekly Meetings


weekly meetingsMeetings should not be scheduled without purpose and agenda. Furthermore, since time is a great asset, you need to promote consistency and respect for each time, holding on a time box for each meeting.

Organise effective meetings with a strong program and a note-taker to record the main topics. Both are necessary to ensure that the purpose of the meeting was filled. Action points should be recorded to allow the team to leave with a clear plan on how to move forward.

What improves the productivity of a team is to have weekly meetings with great responsibility for each team member.

The meeting is an opportunity to capture all of what is happening in the overall scheme of things. It is an opportunity to measure how much each project advances and identify potential challenges. It is also an opportunity to strengthen its mission and refocus on all of the team goals.

If the purpose of the meeting is relevant to the public, then you want to take part in the debate and take part in decision-making.

People get excited about your meetings, if they are encouraged to participate, and one can see that the goals are achieved. They begin to take possession of the meetings to be on time and contribute to the discussion.



3. Assign Accountability Partners Who Would Help Each Other Achieve The Set Goals


accountability partners

Smart companies and employers realise that a partnership of responsibility in force is important not only to achieve personal goals. Colleagues in accountability-based organisations are also very effective in helping employees to achieve business objectives and can have a significant impact not only on employee satisfaction but in the result.

Accountability partnerships are most effective when cooperation between two colleagues is strong, and they respect each other. To be most effective, your partner should be someone you trust, that you are sincere are since with, and you can move forward with.

Having someone who will keep his word is a powerful motivator. Choose someone who works with ethic and discipline. Then establish goals that both of you will work on to achieve.


4. Conduct Debriefing Session, In Complicated Cases


debriefing sessionsAs a team leader, to increase the productivity of your team, you must be able to share lessons learned with each other in a systematic way. Debriefing sessions are ideal for sharing such information. Debriefing is the process of exchanging information and explaining complex cases, and it is important because it allows your team members to understand important information and leads to increase in productivity.

Debriefing sessions should not be considered a negative exercise, but as an opportunity to recognise the successes and challenges, and to train team leaders to help others in the organisation to learn from their experiences.


5. Do Regular Teambuilding To Increase Team Cohesion And Performance


teambuildingCohesion is the extent to which team members are kept together and remain united in seeking a common goal. They say that the team is in a state of cohesion when its members have links between them and the team as a whole.

Teamwork requires a series of planned activities. To improve teamwork, you have to increase the cohesion and effectiveness of the group. Teamwork is established to improve relationships, a better understanding of the objectives of the team, and to improve communication between members. Many underestimate the importance of strengthening the team.

Cohesion is a crucial and decisive factor to know team effectiveness. Cohesion is not enough to guarantee success without the commitment of the organisation.

The purpose of team building is to improve teamwork to increase the cohesion and effectiveness of the group. There are many different approaches to team building that can be used to achieve this goal, following the difficulties faced by certain groups. Two heads are better than one!

Communication is essential in building successful teams. Managers who supervise teams should encourage their employees regularly to communicate with each other. They can also develop methods to make their communications, such as creating e-mail list that team members can use to communicate easily.


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To summarize, here are the 5 ways to help you increase productivity in your team:

  • Encourage Clear Communication
  • Conduct Weekly Meetings
  • Assign Accountability Partners Who Would Help Each Other Achieve The Set Goals
  • Conduct Debriefing Session, In Complicated Cases
  • Do Regular Teambuilding To Increase Team Cohesion And Performance



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