Does Your Talent Predict Your Productivity Level?

There is a widespread belief that the success we can achieve depends on our inherent talent. This implies that our daily productivity is limited or encouraged by our talent. Truly, we are always amazed by the high productivity levels and achievements of the people we consider to be talented. We often hear the comment “she was born to be…” The question is: does your talent really predict your productivity level?

Numerous scientific studies have attempted to determine what talent is and how much it affects our achievement. Finally, they came to the conclusion that talent does not really exist. So why do we still believe in talent? Why is this attitude persistently maintained, although there is no evidence for it? Moreover, this old belief can demotivate and prevent you from setting big goals and doing what you’ve always desired.

Although we cannot deny that people have individual inclinations by birth, guess what would happen if they never practice? As you must have heard from the interviews with top athletes and artists, only a few percent of success is talent, and everything else is persistent work and deliberate practice. This truthful claim unveils the myth about talent and makes its ardent believers feel uncomfortable.

In fact, anyone with an average intelligence can become an expert in their business provided she has sufficient motivation and commitment, unless there are some physical limitations to do the job.

Some studies have shown that in order to achieve top results in any discipline, you need to spend around ten thousand hours practicing it. Studies of the biographies of great artists such as Beethoven and Da Vinci reveal that they spent thousands of hours playing or painting in their childhood. Some biographers claim that Da Vinci’s childhood drawings did not indicate anything special about a particular gift, but he evolved as an artist precisely because of the amount of energy and effort he invested.

business successThe same is true for business success. Your business success is based on your everyday productivity. Not on the big steps you take, but on every single working hour you invest in your key business activities. Therefore it is necessary to change your attitude about talent, in fact, to completely reject the idea of it! Having an empowering belief that you can achieve anything you desire, soon you will notice that your work achievement skyrockets.


However, it is not always easy to discard the old “comfortable” belief. If we completely reject the existence of talent as an important factor in daily productivity, then the only factor that affects the result is personal commitment, and this brings in a lot of personal responsibility.

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Probably this mechanism still keeps the wrong talent conviction because it resolves a cognitive disorder that would occur if we believed that individual success depends solely on individual actions. Do you think we would be happy with personal results in case we do not succeed? A detailed discussion of this topic was made by Matthew Syed in his book [amazon_textlink asin=’B003P2WJ18′ text=’The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’productivityboosterwp-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’7f0cadf2-c5b1-11e7-b006-4d097075954d’], which we strongly recommend if you want to change your beliefs and make progress in all fields of life.

And here is another proof how empowering beliefs about your true potential can boost your productivity whereas disempowering beliefs lead to poor results:

A study on intelligence as an inborn ability – kind of gift or talent you were born with – was conducted. Children were given a school task which they surely could not solve. Prior to that, their opinion on intelligence was questioned. Those who believed that intelligence is an immutable, inborn ability, quickly abandoned the task and achieved poorer results. Participants who believed that intelligence is something that should be exercised and developed, were more persistent and eventually succeeded in finding a solution.

develop your abilities

If you believe in the myth of talent, then you certainly have the idea that you have a talent in a certain amount, to some extent. Even if you feel that you are “talented”, it nevertheless implies a certain limit in your abilities and impacts your performance. For greater daily productivity and constant development of your abilities you need to believe in the ability to develop abilities. You, who remember life without a computer, remember how you used your first computer … Today it is probably an extension of your body. But were you born with a touch typing talent? Of course you were not!

Ask someone who achieves success in any field on how to achieve success. Or think of something at which you are very good: why and how you have become good at it. You will see and everyone will confirm it – you spend days and hours practicing this activity. As adults, we never focus on walking or deliberately moving our hands (as long as we are healthy).  But watch the babies: we needed to develop that motoric skill to perfection for several years of continuous attempts.

Be aware of this in your everyday life and business. Imagine how your productivity will skyrocket when you release the restrictions!

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