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Build Your Productivity Muscle Using Sense Of Humor

Did you become a victim of the April Fools’ Day joke today? If yes, congratulations! In addition to getting a portion of healthy laughter, you had the perfect chance to train your sense of humor muscle and automatically your productivity muscle.

You might be wondering what sense of humor actually has to do with your productivity, right? Here are some astonishing facts how good sense of humor can boost your productivity:



Release tension and stress with a joke


sense of humorWhen we have a long to-do list and a tight time line, there is nothing better than a joke to release work-related tension and stress. As we know, stress and worry keep us unproductive. It was proved by the latest Neuroscience research that smile and laughter switch off the stress and worry centers of the brain. A smile gives our brain a signal that we are safe, thus we automatically release tension. As a result, we can be more creative and productive at work. Even though one may not notice the direct connection between a good sense of humor and productivity, it is for sure that every single joke you make helps you build your productivity muscle.


Improve communication and resolve conflict


Good sense of humor is very beneficial to melt down conflicts and improve communication. When people take things too seriously and thus create unnecessary tension, a joke can be like an ice breaker. It can help establish a positive atmosphere and make people open for a dialogue. In some cases, conflict can be avoided completely due to a well-made joke that redirects our attention from contentious issues. Good sense of humor helps up uplift everyone so that they forget about conflict at all. And guess what happens with productivity if you do not waste time on conflicts? Your productivity simply skyrockets! Once again, by making jokes you automatically build your productivity muscle.


Eliminate distractions at work


eliminate distractions build productivity muscleSometimes it is so challenging to draw the line and say NO to colleagues and friends who distract you from work! It is always a matter of balance that we want to be nice and friendly to people, and at the same time we need to finish the tasks we have. Good sense of humor is the best means to keep this kind of balance. Do your best to make a joke about your tight schedule instead of telling your colleagues directly that you don’t have time for a chat. It is a brilliant way to maintain good relationships, eliminate distractions and simultaneously build your productivity muscle.



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Maintain harmonious relationships


maintain harmonious relationshipsOur relationships with other people also have a strong impact on our productivity. Having a good sense of humor is helpful in all spheres of life, in particular when we deal with family members, friends and colleagues. There is a direct connection between harmonious relationships and increased productivity. Having a peace of mind and feeling happy helps us focus on work tasks better, unleash our creative potential and become more productive. And the easiest and most underestimated way to maintain positive relationships is to make jokes when appropriate.


To conclude, good sense of humor is highly beneficial for your productivity. Never miss the chance of making a good joke as it also helps build your productivity muscle.



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