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5 Tips To Stay Super Productive And Healthy In Early Spring

It is finally spring in the northern hemisphere, and we are invigorated by fresh air and warm sun rays to achieve our goals and dreams faster. Did you know that you can use the benefits of spring to stay super productive and healthy? After dark and cold winter months when the nature, work and life seemed to be flowing relatively slow, spring brings an inspiring mood and the desire to take action. Below are the 5 tips on how you can use this natural rise to your advantage so that you stay super productive and healthy in early spring.



Stay in the sun


stay in the sunThe warmth of the sun is the biggest gift of nature we can enjoy and benefit from. A healthy sun tan gives us an essential vitamin D which is a prerequisite for harmonious functioning of human body and mind. When low on vitamin D, people often fall into depression and experience a decrease in productivity. That is why doctors often advise taking artificial vitamin D in winter to avoid moodiness and depression. Now we can use the natural vitamin D which is back again with the spring sun rays. Even though the spring sun cannot give us a massive sun tan, it can absolutely load us with the vitamin D and thus make us more productive.


Cycle to work


cycle to workHow about cycling to work instead of driving? Most of the people commute 15-40 minutes to work. Instead of taking the subway or driving, make an experiment and cycle to work next week. Pick up a sunny day and enjoy the healthy change. You might be pleasantly surprised that the way by bike is shorter and faster. This is what I experienced when living in Munich. And the benefits you get from cycling in early spring are huge. Your lungs are filled with fresh air, your body gets tuned and your soul gets inspired. After an early ride you will be full of energy and complete your work tasks faster than ever before.


Start jogging


start joggingJogging is another great way to ventilate your lungs and pump up pure energy. Start small and jog slowly for 15 minutes 3 times per week. Most likely you will get addicted to jogging (I mean it in a positive sense) and will make it your daily ritual. In addition to great benefits for your muscles and lungs, jogging gives you a psychological feeling of accomplishment. Finally, jogging increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These are the neurotransmitters that improve mood and protect against mental health disorders. Thus jogging has a direct positive impact on your mood and productivity.


Meditate outdoors


meditate outdoorsCalm your mind, sharpen your focus and boost productivity by meditating outdoors. Early spring sun and the nature’s rise will give you an unforgettable feeling of energy and power. Spend 10-15 minutes a day in calm contemplation of nature and going to you deeper inner self. This high quality time in fresh air will ensure you increased concentration levels during the day. It will make you super productive and healthy.


Plant a tree


plant a treeIt doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of gardening or not, there is something special about planting a tree in spring. It is a random act of kindness that will unite you with nature. By planting a tree you will leave a green track on this planet. And it will give you an incredible feeling of accomplishment. If you have managed to plant a tree, what stands in the way of achieving the rest of your goals? As the saying goes, every person should plant a tree.


To conclude, you can use the benefits of every season to boost your productivity and get closer to achieving your goals. After cold winter months you can leverage the power of spring and enjoy its positive effects on your health and potential. Stay in the sun, cycle to work, start jogging, meditate outdoors and plant a tree. You don’t have to implement all these tips at once: just experiment and try whatever works best for you. Small and gradual changes eventually bring great results!



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