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Here are 5 reasons why becoming a Productivity Booster partner is one of the best business decisions you could make

1. You earn 20-40% per saleOur products range from $149 up to $2,000 so you have the chance to make some huge commissions by promoting our offers. In addition, we run affiliate contests that bring additional cash. 


2. You will get lifelong recurring commission: every time the people who initially became Productivity Booster customers through your affiliate link  purchase further tools, products and services from us (even without your promotion!), you will get 5% commission from every purchase these customers make.


Example: In a year from now you might be surfing somewhere in the Pacific while 10 loyal customers you invited to Productivity Booster yesterday purchase our new product for $999. Even though you are surfing and didn’t do any new promotions, you will get $499.50 from us. Imagine if these are 100 people: then you automatically receive $4,995.  


3. We manage all customer service issues! You won’t have to worry about the product delivery, fulfillment or customer service issues. Our client care team will take care of everything so you can focus on the most important thing for your business – maximizing your time and income without all the hassle.


4. You’ll find everything you need to make sales inside our Partner Portal. We are constantly adding new assets to help your promotions convert. Just copy & paste your affiliate link, add the ready image and text, send or share – done. In addition, we conduct free webinars for Productivity Booster affiliate partners. In these webinars we are sharing the best strategies to boost your conversions when promoting our programs and tools. Thus you will have the chance to grow and upgrade your sales & marketing skills.


5. You can track your clicks, stats, sales, commissions & more! Inside our Partner Portal, you’ll be able to quickly access all the important metrics.